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About Us

Dorcas Beauty Parlour

DORCAS BEAUTY PARLOR was from the start driven by the urge to provide a wide range of skincare, haircare, cosmetics and everything that make both men and women look tip-top. With an eye on the Scandinavia and beyond, Trendy cosmetics has set itself to serve immigrant population that have special cosmetics and beauty product needs but without forgetting the needs of the natives too. With us, you can always be sure to get the best cosmetics products, hair extensions, and apparel.

Customers first

To us, every day, every hour, and moment presents an opportunity to keep our customers satisfied. We do not make profits from our customers but create mutual value together all the time. Our customers are our number one priority.

Offering more at affordable prices

Creating value for our customers means offering them a wide variety of products at affordable prices-making them enjoy value without getting to worry about their finances.

Selling quality products all the time, longer!

To us, we go beyond just the average quality. We know exactly that our customers need that extra quality which guarantees maximum levels of satisfcation.


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